Multi tasking? Try "multi cooking” with combi-ovens

Modern world problems – time poor, eating out too much, limited space…

Di Lusso combi ovens, allows you to bake like you do with a traditional oven, steam like you do with a steamer and wok and a combination of the two in the one oven.

For the time poor, steam is able to penetrate faster and deeper into foods cutting down your cooking time. The combination of steaming and baking will cut down your overall cooking time but still deliver dishes that are moist and juicy on the inside but browned and crispy on the outside.

Use the pure steam function to create risotto, steamed fish, dumplings, vegetables, puddings, custards or just to reheat your frozen meals. Steaming is a healthier way to cook as little or no oil is used, nutrients are not lost compared to boiling or blanching and no radiation is emitted in the cooking process. Food comes out moist, tender and remains hotter for longer than reheating in a microwave. Give your frozen meal a new lease on life!

Less is more. Our combi ovens have a 45L capacity, packing in more features into a smaller footprint than a traditional 60cm oven. Three levels, gives you the option of cooking several dishes at the same time. You don’t have to compromise on functionality with your limited workspace.

Another bonus is that the steam will clean the oven for you, a simple wipe of the full stainless steel cavity is all that you need to keep the oven looking like new.

See what you can create with a Di Lusso combi oven!

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