Inject some steam into your roasts

It was a battle between roast chooks!

We put our roast chickens to the test at the Di Lusso test kitchen.

Two pre-marinated lemon and garlic chickens of almost the same size was cooked in our freestanding combi steam ovens. One was cooked using a traditional baking program, the other using steam assisted baking. Both at the same temperature and time.

The result varied in colour, texture and taste, however both were delicious in their own way.

The roast cooked using the traditional dry baking function, was crispy and caramelised. It tasted just like your store bought charcoal chicken.

The roast cooked using steam assist, where a bit of steam is generated whilst baking, was juicy, tender with a light crisp to the skin. The lemon and garlic flavour was more pronounced, and tasted like what you would get at a fine dining restaurant.

I know which one I would choose!

Combi ovens give you more flexibility with your cooking. Di Lusso freestanding models gives you this option without the need to redesign your kitchen cabinetry as it’s designed to sit on your benchtop.

Di Lusso, discover the difference.

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